Robert Bowling reveals that only a very small percentage of players took advantage of the prestige token glitch

The prestige token glitch is one of the worst glitches ever in Modern Warfare 3. It was this glitch that led Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games to ban some users for taking advantage of it. Given its publicity, we’d expect to see a huge number from players exploiting this glitch, but Robert Bowling has just revealed that the actual percentage of the gamers who were caught exploiting it, is only 0.1%, which means that 99.9% of MW3 players are playing it fair and square.
When a fan expressed his beliefs that 1/3 of the people would stop playing MW3 if the developers de-ranked those that did the pestige token glitch, Bowling responded:
“1/3 of the 30 million people playing Call of Duty online didn’t glitch. Only a very small % did. Glitchers have no place online.”
Some gamers mistook Bowling’s tweet and thought that only the 1/3 of Call of Duty’s players didn’t glitch, however this is not the case. Bowling was reffering simply to the number that the fan mentioned, meaning that those people would not abandon the game as they did not glitch.
Bowling went ahead and clarified it later on:
“Of course not. More like 0.1%. That means 99.9% play fairly.”
As always, if you find a glitcher or someone cheating, you should report him immediately!