Bashi Blocks is now available for Free on the PC

Icon Games Entertainment announced that Bashi Blocks, an arkanoid indie clone, is now available for free on the PC. Previously released on Nintendo WiiWare, PlayStation Minis and iOS, Bashi Blocks features a unique built-in game editor offering unlimited level design possibilities; you can even structure your own game tournament and make your own game!
Bashi Blocks features, according to its press release, insanely addictive – 90 levels and 10 challenging boss stages, a level editor with which you can create your own levels and share them with the Bashi community, free downloadable levels created by other players, a Tournament mode that allows you to create your own unique tournaments using game levels or your own levels, and a wealth of special achievements and secrets to unlock, including secret level backgrounds and game block sets.
Those interested can download the game from here.