Road Redemption will support 4-player splitscreen storymode campaign at launch

Darkseas Interactive has announced that its flagship title Road Redemption, the Road Rash spiritual successor, will launch with its entire storymode campaign playable in 4 player splitscreen. The team has also revealed the the game reached a milestone in June 2017 of selling 100 thousand standalone copies (not in a bundle) via Steam Early Access.

Senior programmer Stephen Glindmeyer, said:

“We think that it’s a real shame that hardly any modern games allow for 4 player splitscreen at all, let alone a full-on 4 player version of the main campaign.

When you get a bunch of friends together, it’s nice to be able to play a modern game without having to buy 4 copies and 4 gaming PC’s. With modern 1080p monitors, each quadrant of a 4 player splitscreen actually has 7x as many pixels as the entire screen in Mario Kart 64 or Goldeneye!”

Darkseas is also running a closed beta of Road Redemption’s online multiplayer mode, which is a series of team vs team battle races.

Glindmeyer concluded:

“There’s simply no other online multiplayer game with intense melee combat where you’re also traveling at incredibly high speeds. It’s a ridiculously difficult technical challenge, but we think it’s also an incredible experience..”

Road Redemption Splitscreen Gameplay - June 2017