Road Redemption Single Player Campaign Details – Coming Also To WiiU

Road Redemption
DarkSeas Games revealed some new information about the single player campaign mode of its Road Rash spiritual successor, Road Redemption, as well as an additional platform for it. According to the company, Road Redemption is now also coming to Nintendo’s WiiU.
About its SP mode, DarkSeas Games stated that this new Road Rash game has deep RPG-like elements. As you complete missions, you earn cash for the bike shop, where you unlock new bikes with better stats, as well as have the opportunity to customize elements of your current bike, such as its color.
You are able to upgrade and recruit new gang members who ride with you on missions, as well as improve your own character by buying new equipment to boost your stats such as better helmets, weapons and other equipment. Of course, some equipment can only be earned by playing certain missions.
There is also a skill system tied to experience earned by playing missions. Fortunately, there will never be any in-game real money purchases in Road Redemption so say goodbye everyone to micro-transactions.
Road Redemption prmises to bring modern graphics, physics, A.I., and online play to the classic combat racing formula that the Road Rash series made famous.
Concept work on Road Redemption began in 2009, and the game has been in active development for over a year, and we strongly suggest you to visit its Kickstarter page.
Road Redemption team members have worked for companies such as Sega, Gameloft, Sony, Eidos and EA, on projects such as God of War 3, Dark Age of Camelot, and the NBA 2k series.