Ridge Racer: Unbounded PC – New Updates Released; micro-stuttering fixed, friends support added

Great news for arcade racers as Bugbear Entertainment have released two new updates for the PC version of Ridge Racer: Unbounded. These updates fix the micro-stuttering problem that was present with some graphics cards, add support for friends, fix the highlighting bug in lobby and improve the multiplayer stability with high latency or high packet loss. These updated will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view the complete changelog (for both of them) below. Enjoy!
Ridge Racer: Unbounded Update 1.07 Changelog:
– fixed a crash when joining a game
– fixed multiple joins at same time
– fixed micro stuttering problem on some graphics hardware
– fixed a crash with multiple input devices
– fixed highlighting bug in lobby
– fixed a timer glitch in multiplayer results screen
– enabled subtitles for introduction video when Russian language selected
– added friends support
– enabled points in the lobby
– fixed a bug that causes the next session to become unjoinable when exiting in the middle of a multiplayer race
Ridge Racer: Unbounded Update 1.08 Changelog:
– Slightly improved multiplayer stability with high latency or high packet loss.
– Fixed crash, when smashing the start button when the game is loading a multiplayer race
– Fixed a multiplayer crash in-race
– Fixed all players getting disconnected, instead of just on in certain cases
– Fixed sessions being unjoinable after an invited players becomes the new host
– Fix for result screen not appearing if player gets wrecked at the end of the race in multiplayer