Metal Gear Solid, Halo, and F.E.A.R. veterans start a Kickstarter for ‘Republique’, coming to the PC and Mac

A couple of days ago, Camouflaj started a Kickstarter for an iOS game called République. The game follows a young girl named Hope who is being held captive in a mysterious totalitarian state and promises to feature a unique story for touch-based devices, an intense action game without a focus on killing, a believable, non-sexualized female lead, explorable heavy topics and cutting-edge graphics on mobiles.
Developed by industry veterans behind AAA games like Metal Gear Solid, Halo, F.E.A.R., Kinect, and cutting edge videos like the Skyrim television spot and the iconic iPod “silhouette” ads, République represents a strategic alliance between Camouflaj and Logan to make an epic action game designed specifically for touch-based devices.
With 14 days left, the company announced that both PC and Mac versions are planned for release. Among other things, République will come with a 4-6 hour campaign, “Stealth Survival” hybrid genre, metroidvania exploration & 3D map mode, branching, gripping, pull-no-punches story, full voiceovers and real-time cinematics.
We should also note that this won’t be a scripted point-and-click game. The team is working hard to make sure the gameplay is as sandboxy as possible. Players will be able to move from cover-to-cover, manipulate the world and enemies to give Hope the upper hand, move in for the attack or sneak past if they need her to conserve supplies.
Those interested can back this project up by visiting its Kickstarter page.