Ridge Racer: Unbounded – PC Editor is bugged, incoming patch, demo coming soon

Ridge Racer: Unbounded has been released on the PC and unfortunately, it comes with a bugged Level Editor. Although the game is perfectly fine and playable – we do mind though that there aren’t any PC options but that’s another story, when you try to run its Level Editor you’ll get a fatal error message. According to the developers, this might be due to a PC patch issue preventing the City Creator from launching.
Naturally, Bugbear is working on fixing it and an update will be issued as soon as they get it sorted out. Actually, Bugbear tweeted that the patch is done and ready for distribution, which could mean that the patch is available as we speak (or will be released later today or tomorrow).
In other news, Bugbear revealed that a demo will be coming really soon. Unfortunately, we do not know whether this demo will be for all platforms or only for consoles. Here is hoping that PC gamers won’t be left out in the cold.