Resident Evil 3 Remake header screenshot

Resident Evil 3 Remake PC Demo is coming to Steam on March 19th

Capcom has announced that a PC demo for Resident Evil 3 Remake will be coming to Steam on March 19th. Furthermore, an an Open Beta phase for Resident Evil Resistance will begin on March 27th, allowing everyone to participate.

Featuring a slice of the full game that launches on April 3rd, players will step into the shoes of Jill Valentine as she attempts to make a desperate escape from Raccoon City as it rapidly descends into chaos.

Capcom also invites players to test their limits with a challenging Mr. Charlie scavenger hunt within the Raccoon City Demo. Players can seek and destroy twenty Mr. Charlie statues across Raccoon City. An on-screen counter will help players keep track of their statues and a final count will display upon the demo’s completion.

Later this month, fans can also get a sneak peek at the asymmetrical 4 vs 1 multiplayer experience. In the open beta, players have the option to take on the role of Daniel Fabron; one of the game’s four Masterminds. Players will run twisted experiments using various bioweapons and traps on a group of everyday civilians. In turn, players can band together as one of four of the six Survivors, each possessing a unique ability to help their team escape the experiment before time runs out.

In order to celebrate this announcement, Capcom released some new screenshots and a new trailer.


Resident Evil 3 Demo & Resistance Open Beta Trailer