Intel Core i9 9900K screenshot

Report: Intel will slash the prices of its desktop CPUs by up to 15% in order to rival AMD’s Zen2 CPUs

DigiTimes has reported that Intel is planning to cut the prices of its 8th and 9th generation desktop CPUs by 10-15%. Not only that, but it appears that Intel has already notified its downstream PC and motherboard partners about these upcoming cut prices.

This obviously does not surprise us as AMD’s Zen2 CPUs are really impressive and come to lower prices than Intel’s current offers. Obviously, Intel would not be cutting its CPU prices if it weren’t for AMD’s CPUs, so we really have to thank AMD for putting some pressure to Intel.

AMD will officially release its new Ryzen CPUs on July 7th and we are really looking forward to some third-party gaming benchmarks. For those that cannot wait until then, the red team has already revealed some gaming benchmarks in which the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X appears to be as fast as the Intel Core i9 9900K.

Before closing, it’s worth noting that Intel has not announced anything yet. As such, we suggest taking this report with a grain of salt until the blue team officially announces the new prices for its desktop processors!

Thanks DigiTimes