Tim Sweeney: Epic Store games sale numbers are for sold copies, do not include funding money

These past few months, a number of developers have been sharing their sale numbers for their games that were released exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Understandably, some gamers have been wondering whether those sale numbers included the “funding” money that Epic Games had provided developers and publishers in order to secure their Epic Games Store exclusive deals. And a couple of days ago, Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, shed some light on this matter.

According to Sweeney, the reported sale figures do not include the funding money that Epic Games had provided the various developers/publishers with.

So yeah, those reported sales we’ve shared these past couple of months are the real deal. In other words, Satisfactory, World War Z and Metro Exodus were commercially successful on the Epic Games Store. Of course we hate what Epic Games is doing and we are against the timed-exclusive deals that prevent the games from releasing on other stores, but it’s at least good knowing that the games sold well.

Tim Sweeney also commented on Shenmue 3 coming exclusively on the Epic Games Store, despite the fact that its Kickstarter campaign hinted at a Steam release (and that’s obviously one of the reasons why some gamers backed it up).

Both YsNet and Tim Sweeney claimed that they are currently working on this situation and will have more information next week.