Report: Crytek UK Temporarily Stops Working On Homefront: The Revolution

Things are definitely not looking good for Crytek. While the company has rolled out a new version of its CRYENGINE SDK, there are reports that its UK studio has stopped working on Homefront: The Revolution as its employees have not been paid yet. Or at least that is according to Kotaku’s sources.

Normally, we expect Crytek to debunk these rumors but as they say; where there is smoke there is fire.

As Kotaku noted, Crytek UK’s staff have still not been paid the full amounts they are owed, and this week the staff at Crytek’s UK office handed in formal grievance letters and went home. In short, the staff has stopped working on Homefront: The Revolution until it gets paid.

According to rumors, Crytek and Deep Silver are currently negotiating over what will happen next.

We expect this to get resolved real quickly as Homefront: The Revolution is a hot title for both Crytek and Deep Silver.

Still, this further proves that Gamestar’s story was legit after all, and that Crytek is facing a lot of issues lately.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!