Remedy hints at Alan Wake’s American Nightmare coming to the PC

It seems that it’s an ‘Alan Wake’ day today. Alan Wake PC has just been released and it’s currently at the Top place of Steam’s Daily Charts. Lovely, right? Well, it seems that we have more good news for you Alan Wake fans, as its latest part called ‘Alan Wake’s American Nightmare’ could possibly come to our beloved platform at a later date.
In a recent interview with RockPaperShotgun, Oskari Häkkinen, head of franchise development at Remedy, has hinted at Alan Wake’s American Nightmare coming to the PC. When asked about a future PC version of American Nightmare, Oskari had this to say:
“So far it’s exclusive but based on everything I just said about how much PC gaming means to us, you can be guaranteed that we would put as much effort into bringing…well, you can read between the lines.”
Now you may be wondering why did it take Alan Wake so long to get to the PC, right? In another interview with Eurogamer, Oskari Hakkinen revealed that it was all about timing:
“Time is a factor, and having a good relationship with Microsoft. And also [inbound XBLA exclusive] American Nightmare coming out obviously extended that relationship with them.
It was just a number of discussions with the right people, and then them saying, ‘Yeah, we see you want to do that. We see it’s important to you. We can let that happen there.'”
Put these two quotes together and you get the bigger picture. It’s pretty clear, at this point, why Microsoft allowed Remedy to port Alan Wake to the PC and why Alan Wake’s American Nightmare might take a year or two to hit the PC. Our guess is that in order to gain more recognition / fame / coverage / possible buyers / ‘you_name_it’ for its upcoming X360 exclusive, Microsoft decided to let Remedy port the first game to the PC.
There is no denying that Remedy wants to bring Alan Wake’s American Nightmare to the PC, as Oskari has already revealed it. But will Microsoft allow them to? Only time will tell.