Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad – September 8th Update Going Live Today; Introduces Demorecording

Tripwire has just announced that the latest update for their WW2 first person shooter, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad will go live today. This update fixes various issues and features an initial implementation of demorecording to support clan play and server admins. We should note though that this demorecording is still in its early stage as only certain functionality is hooked up. As always, this patch will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client. You can view the entire changelog – as well as some notes about the demorecording – after the jump.
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Update Changelog:
-Initial implementation of demorecording to support clan play and server admins
-Fixed a server crash in garbage collection that would sometimes happen when changing maps
-Fixed an animation bug causing gun sights to become misaligned
-Fixed main menu movie corruption (random green squares) when going to/from fullscreen when the startup movies are playing
-Fixed dynamic shadows for fixed MG’s not being visible when deployed
-Drastically reduced occurrences of the “double ironsights” issue
-Fixed exploit where players could hide window curtains, etc. by changing their world texture group lod bias
-Fixed bullet decals being completely black in low texture settings
-Fixed black scope textures on Panzer IV
-Fixed interaction icon showing during transitions to a seat inside a tank
-Fixed object and object material popping when you start or stop sprinting
-Added showing the name of the player you are spectating on the hud
-Testing a new fix for the bug where sound would cut out on map change

Notes on Demo Recording:
First pass implementation of demorecording. This should be considered an “Alpha” implementation, as only certain functionality is hooked up. This early implementation has been created to help support clan play and help server admins finding/catching cheaters. Here is what works/doesn’t:
What works:
– Basic server side demo recording: you can record a demo on a server which can be played back on a client. This demo essentially records the net traffic for the gameplay that is sent by the server and then plays it back on the clients. So when the demo is played back on a client you essentially get the same views you would have as if you were spectating a match in real time.
– Third and first person player spectating as well as viewpoint and free roam spectating
– An added “Aiming Info” toggle which will show where the spectated player is looking, and where they are aiming (which with free-aim can be two different places)
– Most sounds play
– Added displaying the specated player’s name on the hud. Works with demo recording and standard spectating
What doesn’t work or isn’t implemented
– Rewinding
– Showing the first person weapon
– Some sounds will not playback in the demo (battlechatter)
– Have not tested with vehicles
– Client side recording
– Have not tested what the maximum length of a demo can be
– Older demos may not work properly with newer builds of the game
– Pretty much anything else
How to use it
– On the server through webadmin or through admin console commands use the command “demorec ” to start recording the demo
– When you are done recording the demo through webadmin or through admin console commands use the command “demostop” to stop recording the demo
– In the ROGame\Demos folder you will find your demo files. Copy the demo file(s) to the same location on a client machine
– Start up Red Orchetra 2. At the console type “demoplay ” to view the demo