Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy is now available on Good Old Games

Ah, Heavy Rain. The epitome of QTEs and definitely something ‘different’ that was welcomed by all adventure fans and owners of a PS3 console. Did you know however that Quantic Dream’s previous game, Fahrenheit, was as good as the PS3 exclusive title that you were drooling all over? Not only that, but it was released on multiple platforms and GoG has finally added it to its list.
Originally released in 2005, Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit features an exciting story with science-fiction and┬áparanormal elements, well executed plot twists, as well as a unique, movie-like gameplay; almost everything you do just fuels the action and builds up suspense. This is after all the predecessor of Heavy Rain, so it’s only natural to be a ‘movie-like’ game.
Fahrenheit is priced at 6$, is 2.1 GB in size and includes bonus content such as a manual, wallpapers, in-game bonus unlock, the game’s soundtrack, avatars and artworks.