Real-time Path Tracing Showcase – Brigade Engine Keeps Getting Better & Better

Brigade 2
We’ve covered the Brigade Engine in the past, and – as we said back then – we are really looking forward to see what the team behind it can achieve. Our biggest gripe with the Brigade Engine was the noise side effects that were introduced due to the low lighting samples. Back then, those side effects were horrendous. Fast forward a couple of months though, and here we are today with a new video, showcasing what the engine is capable of right now. Thankfully, the noise has been reduced, though it is still noticeable. However, it isn’t as distracting as it was originally so kudos to the team. Not only that, but games similar to Amnesia could benefit from these noise effects. Enjoy the video, courtesy of Hayssam Keilany, creator of the iCEnhancer mod for GTA IV.
Brigade - Real-time path tracing engine - WIP