Randy Pitchford Defends Battleborn, “If we didn’t bet on new, Borderlands never would’ve existed”

Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software, decided to break his silence and defend Battleborn on Twitter. As you must be aware of, Battleborn is a new FPS with MOBA elements. And while people compare it to all MOBA games and marked it as ‘yet another MOBA game’, Pitchford made a stand and said that Battleborn is first and foremost an FPS game.

Calling Battleborn a MOBA would be like calling Borderlands a Diablo clone.said Pitchford and continued.

It’s a full, complete, stand-alone, original retail game.

Later on, Pitchford tried to defend Gearbox and its decision to create a new IP instead of the next part in the Borderlands series.

When a fan told Pitchford that it was too risky to develop a new IP instead of Borderlands 3 on current-gen platforms, Pitchford replied and said:

“Everyone said the same thing about Borderlands. If we didn’t bet on new, Borderlands itself never would’ve existed.”

Pitchford acknowledged how popular Borderlands is, and is aware of the high demand for a sequel.

Lots of people LOVE Borderlands. It’s perfectly fair and awesome for people to want more of something they love.

If you’re going to bet on the future, you’ve got to bet on new.” added Pitchford and continued:

“If we didn’t believe this, there wouldn’t even be a Borderlands. Every new thing we have done has been more successful than the last. So we should race at new things, right?”

I guess Pitchford has completely forgotten about both Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever; two games that were developed by Gearbox and came out after the release of the first Borderlands.