Lichdom: Battlemage Enters Beta Early Access, Comes With Major Performance Improvements

Xaviant has announced that Lichdom: Battlemage has entered the BETA phase of Early Access. According to the development team, this new build invalidates all save data from previous builds, meaning that those who have access on it will have to start all over again. In addition, this latest build of Lichdom comes with major performance improvements, support for both SLI and Crossfire, as well as support of Eyefinity multi-display setups.

Those interested can purchase the game and start playing it by visiting its Steam page.

Here is the complete changelog for the game’s Beta build.

New Feature: New Game Plus
The game doesn’t stop when you defeat the last boss. Unlock New Game Plus mode and play on as long as you like. Tackle challenging new objectives and earn new tiers of loot to craft the most powerful spells ever.

New Feature: Sigil Powers
Each Sigil has an inherent power that harnesses the energy of rare Apocalypticals. Learn to execute them and experience Flame Walls, Arc Lightning, and more exciting new spells.

Major Performance Optimizations
We have put a tremendous amount of effort into improving performance on low- and high-end hardware. We are modifying our minimum and recommended system specifications to reflect this.

Crafting System Improvements
The Crafting UI has had a significant overhaul focused on legibility and ease of use. We’re not done yet, but Crafting new spells has never been easier or more rewarding.

Synthesis System Overhaul
Synthesis has been reconfigured and rebalanced to allow you to make meaningful choices when you run across items you don’t want to use for crafting. A new Reforge feature lets you drop unwanted items into a magical slot machine that give you a chance at Legendary loot with minimal fuss.

UI Improvements
Most of the menus and Heads-Up Display elements have had a major overhaul. This work is still in progress, but just about everything looks better, runs faster, and is easier to use.

Balance Improvements
A big round of balance has been applied to spells, AI, loot stats, and drop rates. We’re getting closer to our launch targets, but more work is coming.

Official support for Crossfire and SLI
Users with multiple graphics cards should now see significantly improved performance compared to a single card without graphical anomalies.

Official support for Eyefinity multi-display setups
Although there are some known issues that we are working on, users with 3X1 Eyefinity display setups should be seeing good results.