Rainbow Six: Siege has 13 million registered players, has 3.9 million weekly players

Bertrand Chaverot, director of Latin America at Ubisoft, revealed that Rainbow Six: Siege has more than 13 million registered players. That’s a really impressive number, considering the somehow disappointing initial state of the game. Ubisoft realized the potential of this title and after numerous improvements, enhancements and free content, Rainbow Six: Siege was able to turn the tide.

Moreover, and as Bertrand told UOL Games, Rainbow Six: Siege had 5 million players in its first month.

“In the first month, we had 5 million players. One year after the actual launch, we have more than doubled, about 13 million people playing around the world.”

Bertrand also revealed that there are 3.9 million players that play Rainbow Six: Siege at least once a week. Again, this is a really impressive number, showing the commercial success of Rainbow Six: Siege.

It’s worth noting that Ubisoft will support Rainbow Six: Siege for at least another year as it’s currently working on its second season of content.

Ubisoft has also launched a free weekend event for Rainbow Six: Siege. Players can visit UPLAY, download and play the game. This free weekend event will last until February 6th (6PM).

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