Vampyr & Call of Cthulhu to be released in Q4 2017

We’ve known for a while that both Call of  Cthulhu and Vampyr were coming out this year, though we were aware of their release window. Well, not anymore. Focus Home Interactive has updated the product pages of Vampyr and Call of Cthulhu, revealing that both of these games now target a Q4 2017 release date. 

Vampyr is a new role-playing game powered by Unreal Engine 4, developed by DONTNOD, that will come with a non-linear skill tree, a deep crafting system and a combat difficulty that can be affected by player actions out of combat.

On the other hand, Call of  Cthulhu is described as an RPG-Investigation game with psychological horror and stealth mechanics, set in a deeply immersive world.

Here is hoping that both of these games won’t slip to 2018.