PSA: Shenmue III’s Funding is Very Reliant on Kickstarter

It appears a “mistake” has been made by some outlets when they were reporting on Shenmue 3’s funding sources. Controversy follows, you know the routine by now.

Listen, we make mistakes here at DSOGaming, I’m sure of it, we’re human. We didn’t this time though. In a recent issue of Famitsu Yu Suzuki was asked about funding for Shenmue III, an issue of some controversy due to some in the press either intentionally misconstruing Sony’s contribution or, preferably, failing to report accurately on the situation due to a more acceptable reason.

In the interview, when asked about funding sources Yu Suzuki said he could not divulge all funding details but that he expects the Kickstarter campaign to provide most of the games development cost. Furthermore, the outside, third party contributions are based on its success on Kickstarter. Sony is not funding the game in its entirety and the game is actually reliant on crowd funding. Where ever you read Sony was funding the game in its entirety or providing most of the funding for the game, they’re wrong.

In the interest of disclosure, I haven’t yet backed the game but I intend to.


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