Project Genesis is a new mash-up of the FPS and space combat genres that is coming to the PC

8 Circuit Studios has announced Project Genesis; a mash-up of the FPS and space combat genres. Project Genesis is described as the perfect blend of epic ship-to-ship skirmishes and face-to-face FPS close quarter combat aboard galactic capital vessels. Players will be able to grab a ship and an avatar to pilot with their team, and use their firepower and abilities to take victory in rounds of objective-based battle.

Space flight is played in third-person; steer the ship and freely aim the camera and weapons at targets. The flight model is physical and dramatic. Weapons are easy to use, targeting and HUD are clearly spelled out. On the other hand, the First Person Shooter experience, is intuitive and follows the standard control scheme common in most FPS combat games. After acquiring a target breach point, slip into an avatar, launch your breech pod, and rip aboard the target vessel to bathe in first-person glory.

The emphasis in Project Genesis, according to its description, is to seamlessly merge these two modes without having to adjust to new control configurations and viewing perspectives.

Additionally, at 2pm PST (21:00 GMT) on Tuesday, 6/4/19, enthusiasts will be able to view the inaugural development stream on the Project Genesis Steam page from within a private playtest session. This novel gameplay mechanic will be broadcast to the public and the developers will be present during the stream for an opportunity to answer questions in real time.

The initial stream is the beginning of broader transparency in developing Project Genesis by utilizing the Steam platform to create a community driven development model. The community will play a crucial role in helping direct feature priorities and the team at 8 Circuit Studios will recognize players who help lay the groundwork for Project Genesis by awarding cosmetic badges that can be displayed on ships, inside player profiles and more.


Project Genesis August 2018 Trailer

Project Genesis: Hull Breach and Board