Pokemon: Generations Is An Indie Freeware 3D Action/Adventure/RPG – Version 2.0 Released

Pokemon v2
Pokemon fans, get ready for a treat. We are pretty sure that a lot of people wished for an open-world Pokemon game. If you are among them, know that your wishes came true. Meet Pokemon: Generations, an indie 3D Action/Adventure/RPG that is heavily inspired by both the Pokemon Anime & the Pokemon Video Games. The game contains both single and multiplayer aspects, along with a story bridging the gap between RBY & GSC. And did we say that this game is distributed for free?
The only downside is that the graphics are not up to what most would expect from a current-gen game. Well, this comes as no surprise since this is an indie title. Still, we’re pretty sure that most Pokemon fans will be interested in this game’s gameplay mechanics and not its visuals.
Those interested can download it from here. We strongly suggest doing it the moment your read this article, as Nintendo may send this team a C&D letter.
Here is the complete changelog for Pokemon: Generations Version 2.0:
The Launcher
-A common thing that isn’t that big of a deal but we wanted one anyway because they look cool.
-With this, you’ll be able to start the game up and be notified when new updates are available, however, once downloaded, the game’s main .exe will also be available if you’re not currently connected to the internet.
-Because of the launcher’s flexibility, expect smaller updates to be released far more frequently instead of large updates being released every four months. (Expected Time: 2 Weeks per update)
New Map: Oak’s Corral
-We find our heroes in Oak’s Backyard, testing out the Pokemon he has available. Over the months, we’ll slowly make our way into his lab, and eventually Pallet Town itself! For now, just have fun running around and finding that super secret ledge you can climb.
New Pokemon
-We’ve gone ahead and added the remaining two starters (Squirtle & Bulbasaur), along with Rattata and Pidgey, totalling in six available Pokemon.
-Each has their own unique move-set, apart from a few duplicates. They have type advantages, different play-styles, and may even make you rethink who you choose for your starter! Just kidding, long live Charmander.
Catching & HUD
-You can now catch Pokemon by clicking on the little Pokeball icon in the new HUD.
-You can catch as many as you want, but like the games, you may only carry six at a time.
-There’s also a Healing Machine available so that you can heal your Pokemon whenever you wish.
Main Menu & Saving
-The main menu now supports longer IP strings for connecting to site-hosts, as well as port editing.
-All teams, stats, menu settings, and GUI scale is now all saved conveniently in a data folder. No trying to decrypt the stats though, or we’ll resurrect Sauron and place the Ring of Power in your living room.
-Spectator mode has been given all new controls and features, and the chat for multiplayer has also been cleaned up.
-With the combined efforts of the team, many bugs have been eradicated and we’ve done our best to make the multiplayer experience as enjoyable as possible. That said, there will always be bugs here and there, so if you find anything that hasn’t already been posted in the Bug Testing forum, drop a thread/post there and let us know.