Cliff Bleszinski hints at a possible return to the gaming industry

cliff bleszinski
When Cliff Bleszinski decided to leave Epic Games, some PC gamers rejoiced while other felt depressed. You see, we still consider Cliff an important figure as he was the one responsible for our beloved, classic, Unreal title. And it seems that Bleszinski may return to the gaming industry, sooner or later.
The latest episode of GameTrailers’ SHIFT show focused on NeoGAF and what the industry people thought about it. One of them was Bleszinski who said that he’s now taking a break from the gaming industry and that he might return to it.
As Bleszinski said:
“So my experience with GAF is that I’ve been fortunate enough to be a visible developer through the majority of my career; taking some time off now but I might come back.”
Bleszinski is obviously hinting at his return, though nothing is certain at this point. It’s pretty clear that Cliff wanted a break from the industry, however we can clearly see that the designer of the first Unreal title wants to return to what made him so famous.
Which is a good thing as we’d love to see what Bleszinski wants to try next. A return to old-school games, a F2P arena shooter, or another third-person title with big guns and macho men? Or perhaps something entirely different?
And in case you’re wondering then no; we are not forgetting Cliff’s comments about PC gamers and the fact that he did not wish to port all the other parts of the Gears of War series to our platform. However, things change and Cliff may regret for those comments and re-embrace the PC community.
For the time being, all we can do is just sit back and see things unfold. We’ll be sure though to keep you posted!