Pockie Ninja: Chapter 7.5 comes in February 13th

Publisher NGames have announced a string of events and free gift giveaways to celebrate the launch of the Pockie Ninja: Chapter 7.5 update. Releasing for free on February 13th, Chapter 7.5 will treat Pockie Ninja players to brand new equipment, auto combat options, and hours of fresh content as they quest their way to becoming a level 100 ninja.
A new, weekly cross-server tournament system called War of Ninja will also be added to the Naruto and Bleach inspired MMO. To celebrate, publisher NGames have announced a ton of limited time special events and giveaways.
From February 13th 25th, players can unlock free gift packs simply by logging in and levelling up within the game. The gift packs, which include valuable items such as Gold Equipment Chests, Bloodsouls, and free Slot Machine turns, will be awarded to all players who reach Level 51 or higher. The higher the level the player reaches, the better the free gifts they receive.
There are more freebies on offer for completing special event missions too. Every day between Feb 13th 19th, NGames will be throwing down the gauntlet by setting a new daily challenge for players to complete. Ninjas will be awarded free gift packs for defeating 5 outdoor demon’s, attending a Defence Against Tailed Beasts event, completing the towering Las Noches challenge, questing in Valhalla, and more.
Prizes will also be handed out to all players registering to participate in the first War of Ninja tournament. Different prizes will be available for signing up to the individual and team War of Ninja events.
Players can even claim extra gifts by betting on the outcome of the matches – meaning everyone gets a slice of the action, even if they don’t meet the minimum level requirements to enter the War of Ninja tournament themselves.
Monthly Game Cards will also be discounted to a third of their normal price between Feb 13th Mar 15th, allowing players to purchase bundles of valuable items in the in-game shop at heavily reduced rates.
All of this new content and more will be unleashed when Pockie Ninja: Chapter 7.5 is released on February 13th.