Dragonball Skyrim Overhaul looks freaking cool; huge potential for an amazing DBZ mod

I have a confession to make; I’m a huge fan of DBZ. My best character is Trunks, I loved the Cell saga, and was disappointed with the recent remake of the anime that has, ironically, ended before the Buu saga. Imagine that, a remake and we didn’t get to see the amazing battle between Majin Vegeta and Goku. Bollocks. But anyway, back on topic. Like most of you, I enjoyed Bid for Power back in the days and I was hoping for a DBZ mod in Skyrim. And I’m delighted to tell you that there is currently a DBZ overhaul for Skyrim that looks pretty cool.
Naturally, this mod still needs a lot of work and polish but it does look awesome. I’m a bit disappointed though with the team as they didn’t use the Japanese voices and the current animations are a bit basic. Since Skyrim is available in Japan, I really hope that someone will actually create a Japanese DBZ mod, so here is hoping.
This overhaul also shows the huge potential of a proper DBZ mod. Imagine a story-driven DBZ total conversion where there are quests, based on the DBZ universe, and with its main story based on the events of the anime/manga. Vegeta with Napa coming in Earth, Goku and his friends travelling – via a simple loading screen – to Namek in order to fight Freezer, the Cell tournaments and everything in an open-world environment where players can level up and the image quality of Skyrim’s engine. Man, that would be one of the best games, EVER!
But that won’t happen anytime soon. Still, we can dream for something like that while watching the following videos from Dragonball Skyrim Overhaul that is currently in development.
Dragonball Skyrim Overhaul Demo Reel

SkyrimBall Z: A Dragonball Overhaul project for Skyrim