Player UnKnown’s Battlegrounds Gifted with a 6 Core-plus CPU Optimization Update

If you haven’t heard of Battlegrounds by now you probably have had your head in the sand, as the game has a massive concurrent player base by which all that play understand the poor optimization the early access game is burden by. This could all change Thursday…

Battlegrounds is due for an update today as Bluehole will be rolling out their fresh buff to the game that will hopefully fix or even improve the optimization issues that the game is currently facing. It is no surprise that a game such a Battlegrounds has optimization issues as the game is still keep in mind not even fully released and still in early access.

Blueholes update will include a massive buff to the CPU optimization allowing for the game to register and use CPU’s that have 6 or more compute cores. This is huge as Battlegrounds is not a game that requires a lot of power from GPU but instead the processing speed of the CPU. Rendering such a large map as well as the 100 players running around on it is hard work and requires a lot of processors and processing power so this update should help considerably. Allowing access for those other cores to be used is just like letting 6+ pairs of hands help you with building a house.

This update will be rolled out onto the test servers today and if it is stable and works efficiently Bluehole will be adding it to the live game on Thursday.

For anyone interested in the Steam patch notes they can be found here.

Source: Venturebeat , Steam