PES 2014 – PC Gets A Beta Phase For Its “11 vs 11” Mode, Beta Registration Open Now

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 v2

Konami has just announced – via, a fan website for Konami’s soccer series – that the PC version of PES 2014 will get a beta phase for its 11 vs 11 online mode; a mode that will be officially added in the game via an update at a later date. Registrations are currently open, so make sure to sign up as places are limited to 1,000 people (and this is a global beta, meaning that anyone can sign up).

There is no ETA as of yet for this PC beta. Ironically, PESFan states that those who desire to register for this beta phase do not have to own the actual game. In other words, this PC beta will be playable to everyone, regardless of owning PES 2014 or not.

PES 2014 has already been released on PC, X360 and PS3. Our initial impressions were not up to what most die-hard PES fans would expect, and that’s because most of PES 2013 bugs and issues are still present in PES 2014. Not only that, but the visuals were underwhelming and there was a significant delay between issuing a command and watching the player doing what he was commanded to.

Here is a full match from the final build of PES 2014 between Manchester United and Manchester City!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - Manchester United vs Manchester City - Full Match