PC Gamers, meet Sweet Lily Dreams; an indie retro-16bit RPG

I know, I know. The game’s name is cheesy as hell. But keep reading because this is a game similar to ‘To The Moon’ so it’s definitely something you should check out. So, Rose Portal Games, creator of the acclaimed Whisper of a Rose, sent us word that their latest¬†adventure, Sweet Lily Dreams, is finally out. With combined elements from RPGs, hidden object games, and traditional adventure games, Sweet Lily Dreams represents the culmination of over a year and a half of work.
Lily is your typical 11-year old girl with some not-so-typical dreams. When her dreams mix with reality she sets out to prove herself by fighting her nightmares. But while exploring vast worlds that draw inspiration from stories such as Doctor Jekyll and Dracula, she begins to question her ideas of righteousness. With a cast of loveable characters, Sweet Lily Dreams will make you want to be 11-years old again, when even the most mundane task could turn into an adventure!
Those interested can purchase it from the its official website.
Sweet Lily Dreams - Official Trailer