Flatout 3: Chaos Destruction – Third Update Released; Team 6 Shows Impressive Post-Launch Support

Holy Batman, FlatOut 3 has been out for quite a few days and has already received two updates. Two bloody updates and other companies can’t even release one with mere fixes. The previous two updates that got released featured AI difficulty rebalances, car physics properties rebalances, car deformation, improved physics for all cars and the introduction of the ‘Classic’ Mode. In other words, this is the way it’s meant to be. Team 6 sent us word that a new, third update is out now and features some performance optimizations and a brand new Christmas character. You can view the entire changelog – for all patches – bellow and as always, the latest patch will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client. Kudos to Team 6 for their post-launch support.
FlatOut 3 Patch 1 Changelog:
– Added ability for playing music from the Windows Music folder. (OGG/MP3/WMA/M4A formats are supported)
– Multiple stability and funcionality fixes for multiplayer
– AI difficulty rebalanced
– Car physics properties rebalanced
– Reduced timeout for dropped multiplayer clients during loading.
– Fixed performance issue in long battles with lots of cars becoming slower after a while.
FlatOut Patch 2 Changelog:
– Car deformation.
– Improved physics model for all cars
– Stability and funcionality fixes for multiplayer
– ‘Classic’ mode.
– Ability to turn health regaining on/off
– Damage multiplier option
– Improved gameplay / fov for battle, big battle and monster truck game modes
FlatOut 3 Patch 3 Changelog:
– Active lobby games are now join-able
– Options such as game mode can now be switched inside the lobby.
– Performance optimization for race maps.
– Fixed car tuning bug in multiplayer.
– Misc. (multiplayer) fixes.
– Brand New Christmas character
– All NEW ‘Moscow battle’ map.