PC gamers, meet Blink; an indie 3rd person action/stealth game that is powered by UDK

What you are about to see comes from a team of students. In other words, this is not from a gaming studio and given its indie nature, it has bugs and feels a bit unpolished (especially the character’s animations). But damn, it does look impressive guys and we want to congratulate the students for their attempt. So, Blink is a 3rd person, action-stealth game currently in development at the University of Southern California. The team also includes students from Los Angeles-based art schools such as Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and Laguna College of Art and Design.
The game is being made with the Unreal Development Kit and is currently in the middle of its development. The team plans to finish it in May – our guess is that this is their final Project that needs to be completed by then – and this is the first trailer of the game.