PC gamers be advised; L.A. Noire PC is locked at 30fps

Okay, this is ridiculous. We’ve been waiting patiently for Rockstar’s adventure game, L.A. Noire, and although the game is finally out in North America, we found out that an awful limitation has been introduced to its game engine. Like some other console ports, L.A. Noire PC is locked at 30fps. Oh yeah, this atrocious feature that PC gamers hated on games like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Overlord 2 is back.
We still remember Rockstar’s statements about L.A. Noire PC; that the game would not be a simple port. So how come this console-ish feature is still present? It’s funny but the game supports SLI and Nvidia’s 3D Vision, yet is limited to 30fps. It’s also ironic, because Rockstar stated that they wanted to take advantage of the PC platform. Well guys, this isn’t how you’ll accomplish that goal.
We really hope that there will be someone who will go the extra mile and mod the game in order to unlock the L.A. Noire’s framerate. Otherwise, there isn’t really any reason to even test L.A. Noire PC, let alone play it. Way to go Rockstar, you’re doing everything you can in order to kill the game’s PC sales.
And God forbid if you decide to include a 30fps limit in GTA V!