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NVIDIA will talk about its next generation mainstream GPU at Hot Chips 30 in August 2018

It appears that NVIDIA will be talking about its next generation mainstream GPU in August at the Hot Chips 30┬ásymposium. According to its schedule, NVIDIA’s Stuart Oberman will talk about the company’s next-generation mainstream GPU, hinting towards a possible Q3 release.

From what we’ve heard, NVIDIA may release its new high-end graphics cards in July, with third-party models arriving in August. Of course nothing is set in stone yet, so things may change.

Some gamers were expecting NVIDIA to unveil the new graphics card during its GTC Taiwan keynote. However, that wasn’t the case. Some gamers also expect NVIDIA to reveal details about its new mainstream GPUs at Computex, however, we haven’t heard anything trustworthy other than rumours.

It will be interesting to see when NVIDIA will announce and release its new graphics cards, so stay tuned for more.

Thanks to our reader Deathstroke for bringing this to our attention!