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The Nintendo Switch emulator, Ryujinx, runs Sonic Mania with more than 100fps

The team behind one of the best Nintendo Switch emulators, Ryujinx, has released a new version that plays the recently released Sonic game, Sonic Mania. And while this is just a 2D Sonic game, it runs with more than 100fps in this open-source emulator.

Since Sonic Mania is already available on the PC, I strongly suggest using the native PC version if you want to play it. Not only that, but it appears that speed in the Nintendo Switch version is tied to the framerate, meaning that the game is sped up when played with more than 60fps.

Still, this is amazing news for emulating Nintendo’s latest console. Sonic Mania is the second commercial game that is playable in this emulator (the first one is Cave Story+) and by the end of this year, we may see some triple-A exclusive Nintendo Switch games running in it.

Sonic Mania | Ryujinx (Nintendo Switch Emulator)

In similar news, the team behind the other Nintendo Switch emulator, yuzu, has also announced that its emulator can run Sonic Mania.