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NVIDIA GTX1180 reportedly coming out in July, third-party models coming out in August/September

Tomshardware has reported that the new high-end NVIDIA graphics card, the GTX1180, will be released in July 2018. As Tomshardware claimed, its sources told them that the Founder’s Edition of the GTX1180 will come out in July, with third-party models to follow in August or September.

According to Tomshardware, NVIDIA will be delivering the GPU and memory over to partners on or around June 15th, meaning that the Founder’s Edition versions should be out in July 2018.

Tomshardware claimed that this information comes from a series of anonymous sources, rumors and estimates based on typical production processes. The website also reached out to NVIDIA who did not comment on these rumours.

As always, we strongly suggest taking everything you just read with a grain of salt. Computex is around the corner and if NVIDIA indeed plans to release the GTX1180 in July 2018, it will undoubtedly reveal the GPU during this event.

Stay tuned for more (and thanks to our reader “Deathstroke” for bringing this story to our attention)!