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NVIDIA will pay $30 each and everyone that has purchased a GTX970 GPU

Back in January 2015, it was revealed that NVIDIA’s GTX970 was actually a 3.5GB GPU (with an additional 512MB memory chip) and not a truly 4GB GPU. Not only that, but the GTX970 had 64 render output processors rather than the 56 that were advertised.

Things got crazy and consumers sued NVIDIA, claiming that the company engaged in false advertising, deceptive business practice, unlawful is practices and violated California’s business law for unfair business practices. And today, NVIDIA agreed to a preliminary settlement that will resolve those claims.

As it was revealed, NVIDIA will pay $30 each and everyone that has purchased an NVIDIA GTX970 GPU. In addition, NVIDIA will pay $1.3 million in attorneys’ fees.

Furthermore, NVIDIA claimed that there would not be a cap on the total amount it would pay consumers, meaning that all those affected by this will get paid, without any exception at all.

As the attorneys for the proposed Class said in the filing:

“The settlement is fair and reasonable and falls within the range of possible approval. It is the product of extended arms-length negotiations between experienced attorneys familiar with the legal and factual issues of this case and all settlement class members are treated fairly under the terms of the settlement.”