NVIDIA Titan RTX is 2.6X faster than the Titan V in 3D Mark Port Royal, RTX 2060 as fast as Titan V

A lot of gamers were shocked when they found out that the Titan V was able to run the RTX effects in Battlefield 5. As we’ve already said, the RT cores are meant to improve overall performance and while this was the case in DICE’s shooter, it’s more evident in Futuremark’s latest real-time ray tracing benchmark, 3D Mark Port Royal.

OC3D Forum’s member Kaapstad has shared two results; one with the NVIDIA Titan V and the other with the Titan RTX. The NVIDIA Titan RTX was 2.6X faster than the Titan V due to the RT cores that the former features.

What’s also really interesting here is that the NVIDIA Titan V¬†offered similar levels of ray tracing performance to an RTX 2060; a GPU that only costs $350 (meaning that it is almost 10X less expensive) than the Titan V GPU.

These results should give you an idea of the performance boost that NVIDIA’s RT cores bring to the table. As we’ve said in our Battlefield 5 article, the RT cores are not a gimmick.¬†3D Mark Port Royal uses extensively real-time ray tracing and it’s incredible witnessing a $350 GPU matching the performance of a $3000+ GPU.

Kudos to our reader Metal Messiah for bringing this to our attention!