Nvidia: PS4 & X720 are 3X slower than the GeForce Titan – AMD: We gave PS4 what Nvidia couldn’t

AMD vs Nvidia
Now this is great. Almost two weeks ago, Nvidia claimed that it was not worth investing on consoles and that was precisely why they did not bother with PS4 and X720. As Tony Tamasi, Senior VP of content and technology at Nvidia, stated back then, Nvidia came to the conclusion that it didn’t want to do the business at the price Sony was willing to pay. And as you’d expect, AMD decided to stand up and face Nvidia, claiming that they were able to offer PS4 the hardware Nvidia couldn’t.
Neal Robison, director of ISV relations at AMD, told TechRadar that AMD was able to provide an integrated solution through its APU that Nvidia couldn’t, by ‘optimizing information flows, generating greater performance, better power and heat efficiency, and by providing tools and dev relationships‘ to provide the PS4 a strong launch.
As for Nvidia’s comment, Robison had this to say:
“Well, of course they’re going to do that. They’re a little bitter.”
Nvidia, on the other hand, decided to go one step further and revealed at this year’s GDC that PS4 and X720 are 3X slower than its GeForce Titan card. Nvidia has also released a slide that compares PCs with consoles that can be viewed below (courtesy of 4Gamer). As we can clearly see, at its time of release, Xbox was more advanced than any GPU that was available during that time. When X360 was launched, it was above all PC GPUs (excluding SLI systems) and it took a while for Nvidia to release the GeForce 8800GTX to reclaim its crown.


All in all, this whole story is pretty interesting – and, at the same time, funny as hell. It remains to be seen who is right, whether Nvidia’s decision to abandon console development was right, and whether developers will start favoring AMD cards once next-generation games start rolling out.