NVIDIA Jen-Hsun-Huang

NVIDIA CEO claims that the company is nowhere close to meeting the GPU demand

In an interview with TechCrunch, NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang revealed that the green team is currently nowhere close to meeting the huge GPU demand. This appears to be an honest comment as both AMD and NVIDIA cannot keep up with the huge GPU demands these days, especially since all cryptocurrency miners acquiring each and every graphics card they can get their hands on.

As Jensen told TechCrunch:

“We’re sold out of many of our high-end SKUs, and so it’s a real challenge keeping [graphic cards] in the marketplace for games … we have to build a whole lot more. We’ve got to come closer to the demand of the market. And right now we’re not anywhere near close to that and so we’re just going to have to keep running.”

To be honest, this does not really surprise us. Back in January, NVIDIA suggested retailers to sell their GeForce graphics cards to gamers. However, it appears that this is easier said than done as stores cannot really determine whether a buyer will use his brand new GPU for mining or for gaming (unless of course they are buying a whole lot of GPUs which is a big hint, though we have to wonder whether stores are willing to play along with NVIDIA’s suggestions).

In February, NVIDIA stated that GPU prices will continue increasing through Q3 2018. The green team cited the mining craze and the vRAM shortage as the main two reasons behind this.

Still, we can be a little optimistic as we’ve seen some retailers lowering their prices in the past few days. Furthermore, and if GTC 2018 is anything to go by, NVIDIA may reveal its new GeForce GPU at Computex 2018, meaning that gamers will be able to purchase brand new graphics cards this Summer. Naturally, this is a mere assumption as NVIDIA has not confirmed whether it will release brand new GPUs but hey… as we’ve already said… we try being optimistic here!