Watch Dogs Legion screenshots 4

NVIDIA announces that Watch_Dogs Legion will officially support Ray Tracing

Ubisoft officially revealed today the third part in the Watch_Dogs series, Watch_Dogs Legion. Watch_Dogs Legion will feature an open-world environment and NVIDIA has just announced that Ubisoft’s latest title will support Ray Tracing.

Unfortunately, the teams did not reveal any additional details (like the effects for which Ray Tracing will be used. Will it be just for the reflections like in Battlefield 5 or will we see truly amazing RT effects for Global Illumination like in Metro Exodus).

Still, what is really great here is that the inclusion of Ray Tracing basically confirms the presence of lower-level API. Our guess is that Ubisoft will be using DirectX 12, though the French team may surprise us and include the Vulkan API.

Watch_Dogs 2 had increased CPU requirements so it is definitely great witnessing the next part using a better API that will help for both the CPU calculations and the driver overhead that had a negative performance impact on its predecessor.

Watch_Dogs Legion releases on March 6th, 2020!