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NVIDIA adds DirectX 12 support for its Fermi GPUs (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 5XX and GTX 4XX series)

A few days ago, we informed you about a new NVIDIA driver that was released and packed some optimization improvements for Lawbreakers’ beta build and for Spider-man: Homecoming VR. However, it appears that this driver also fully enables DirectX 12 on NVIDIA’s older “Fermi” GPUs.

As users reported, this new driver brings official full support for DX12 on NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 5XX and GTX 4XX series. This is the first official driver adding DX12 support for these older GPUs, so we have to at least congratulate NVIDIA for such a thing.

Surprisingly enough, the official release notes do not mention this. Not only that, but according to reports this driver also enables Netflix 4K for those not owning an Intel Kaby Lake CPU.

We do have to note, though, that some users have reported major issues in Watch_Dogs 2, so we strongly suggest avoiding this driver if you’re currently playing Ubisoft’s open-world title.

But anyway, it’s good that NVIDIA has added official support for DX12 on its older “Fermi” graphics cards, even though we are pretty sure that these cards do not have the raw power to properly run most triple-A games that are using Microsoft’s latest API. Still, great news overall!