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Nightdive Studios has announced Powerslave: Exhumed HD Remaster

In 2018, we informed you about Nightdive Studios trademarking Powerslave: Exhumed. And today, the team announced that an HD Remaster of this classic FPS game is currently in development.

Powerslave: Exhumed HD Remaster will combine both the Saturn and Playstation versions. In other words, we’ll be finally getting a definitive version of this game.

Moreover, it will support Anisotropic Texture Filtering, SMAA, widescreen and HD display support, as well as gamepad support. Additionally, players can expect smooth object interpolation for high refresh rates.

Naturally, and as with most of Nightdive’s HD remasters/ports, Powerslave: Exhumed HD Remaster will be using the KEX Engine.

Enjoy its debut trailer and stay tuned for more!

Powerslave EX announce trailer v3