Compound Fracture feature

Compound Fracture is a retro first-person “Dino Crisis” game

Iteria Games has released the debut trailer for its upcoming action survival horror game, Compound Fracture. Compound Fracture is basically a first-person game that is heavily inspired by the classic Capcom game, Dino Crisis.

In this game, players will fight dinosaurs. Players will have to investigate a heinous crime, as well as outwit and outgun the dinosaurs that now inhabit ChronoGas’s prehistoric compound.

As you will see from the trailer, its visuals are really similar to those of Dino Crisis. As the team has noted, the game will have a refined art style designed after the limitations of early console games.

My only gripe with this trailer is the dino AI (which appears to be pretty bad). My guess is that the game is in a really early development stage. Still, this is really up my alley so let’s hope that Iteria will overhaul the game’s AI.

Compound Fracture promises to feature a variety of weapons to use, levels to explore, and creatures to encounter.

Enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for more!

[2021] Compound Fracture - Realms Deep Trailer