NieR Automata feature 2

NieR Automata Input Overhaul Mod is a must-have mod that adds raw mouse input and more

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the keyboard+mouse control mechanics in NieR Automata are seriously messed up. Now I know that some will say that a controller is better for this type of games buy as I’ve already said, third-person and shoot em up/platformers work like a charm when K&M are properly supported. And, finally, there is a mod that aims to overhaul and fix all of the game’s keyboard+mouse issues.

Created by modder ‘Methanhydra’, the NieR: Automata Input Overhaul Mod (NAIOM) aims to solve all keyboard and mouse related issues in the game. As such, this mod introduces raw mouse input without any acceleration or smoothing, precise sensitivity configuration (calibrated for KovaaK’s SensitivityMatcher), and fixed camera movement in third-person perspective.

Moreover, NAIOM comes with a new (optional) crosshair aiming mode for side-scrolling and top-down perspective, completely rebindable standard actions to any key or button combination including additional mouse buttons, non-standard keybindings, such as a dedicated dash/evade and pod fire toggle, and is fully compatible with FAR mod.

In other words, this is a must-have mod for all those that want to play NieR Automata with mouse and keyboard. See Square Enix and Platinum Games? Was it THAT hard to offer proper PC controls?

Those interested can download the from here, and below you can find its current Known Issues.

  • In the third-person view the camera might sometimes judder when it is near obstacles, such as walls. This has only partially to do with the mod, since the issue also occurs without it, but might just be more noticeable with it enabled
  • Using the bindings of the mod does currently not change the ingame button prompts
  • When using the new aiming mode the crosshair does currently also activate in situations where the aiming direction is fixed, e.g. in the side-scrolling flying mode
  • The non-standard item switch bindings currently do not work as described in the tooltip when certain items are equipped
  • The mod is currently not entirely compatible with the GeForce Experience overlay, which may not be controllable with the mouse in certain situations. However, the actual functionality can still be accessed by using the corresponding hotkeys