Next Car Game: Wreckfest – Transition To New DX11 Engine Complete

Bugbear Entertainment has issued a press release for Next Car Game: Wreckfest, letting us know that the transition to their new engine is now complete and the upgraded version of the game is available on Steam.

As Bugbear noted, players will be able to enjoy more immersive racing experience thanks to their overhauled tire and suspension simulation model and the new next-generation DirectX 11 rendering engine.

This new engine supports physically-based materials and lighting, and Bugbear has also taken its vehicle damage simulation to the new level. This means that from now on you will be able to witness cars being brutally torn to pieces in unparalleled level of detail and quality.

The latest update for the game’s Steam Early Access version also introduces several engine optimizations to make sure you can enjoy the full glory of demolition racing in furious 24-player multiplayer games.

Furthermore, the latest version of the game features great new content such as cars and tracks as well as numerous improvements on all fronts as requested by the game’s very own racing community.