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New version of the Doom Eternal Restoration Graphics Mod brings new graphical improvements

Last month, we informed you about a mod that attempted to restore some graphical features that were cut from Doom Eternal. And a couple of days ago, Nikk Mann released a brand new version that brings some additional graphical features to id Software’s shooter.

Version 1.51 allows you to lessen the effect of player shadow on your weapons. It also allows you to greatly increase the distance at which dynamic marks (like bullet holes and blood) are visible. Furthermore, you can increase the distance at which light sources are rendered and can influence objects. Additionally, players can increase the distance at which soft shadows are rendered on objects, so they don’t fade out close to them.

Players can also increase the resolution of shadows cast by the sun. As such, all environmental shadows appear more realistic and the fade between low and high quality shadows is less jarring. Not only that, but players can force the game to dynamically cast shadows for all static objects and the environment. Also, there is an option to force the game to always load the highest quality version of the assets.

Naturally, these new settings will negatively impact your in-game performance. Moreover, you can enable most of them via the in-game console menu. Still, I believe that most casual gamers will find this mod interesting. After all, it will allow you to improve the game’s visuals in an easier way.

You can download this new version of this mod for Doom Eternal from here. I also suggest taking a look at all the new graphics settings/features that the modder listed.

Have fun!