This mod for Gears Tactics replaces in-game common loot boxes with rare/epic/legendary boxes

Although Gears Tactics does not feature any microtransactions, it does have loot boxes that you unlock via game progression. However, players have been receiving common loot for completing optional objectives. Well, not anymore as this mod attempts to overhaul the game’s rewards.

Gears Tactics Loot Box Enhanced V2.1 replaces all common and uncommon loot boxes with rare/epic/legendary boxes. These new loot boxes are scaled to difficulty and reward increases with progression. Thus, players now have a reason to after the secondary missions. I mean, what was the point featuring common loot boxes in these missions in the first place (other than grinding)?

But anyway, this mod finally fixes these loot boxes in Gears Tactics and you can download it from here. All you have to do in order to install it is unzip the file to Game Directory: GearGames\Content\Gameplay\Tables\CSV\. This mod is compatible with existing saves, meaning that you won’t have to start a new campaign.

Let’s hope that similar mods will appear for all other games that abuse their “loot boxes” system.

Have fun!