Doom Eternal new-2

Doom Eternal Mod restores cut graphics effects, like player shadow, anamorphic lens flares & more

Nikk Mann has released a pretty interesting mod for Doom Eternal. This mod attempts to restore some of graphics effects that id Software has cut from the game. Thus, you can enable player shadow (as well as self-shadowing), anamorphic lens flares and an improved HUD.

Moreover, you can enable a small cloud of dust to kick-up when landing from a jump. You can also disable the in-game blurry anti-aliasing solution so you can use Reshade. That last one is not that necessary in my opinion as Doom Eternal comes with a Sharpening setting.

Now what’s also cool here is that the modder has provided a way via which you can keep the blood and killed enemies on screen for a longer time. You can also enable the weapon wheel to pop and slow down time right when pressing the key, rather than a few seconds after.

In short, this mod aims to bring slight graphical improvements to this game. There is also another graphical mod from the same modder that attempts to provide a more realistic lighting system. However, that mod can make the game look worse, which is why we haven’t shared it before.

But anyway, you can download the Restored Graphical Effects mod for Doom Eternal from here. Make sure though to read carefully its installation instructions. You can also download the mod that attempts to overhaul its lighting system from here.

Lastly, you can find below some videos that showcase these new restored graphics effects.

Have fun!