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New The Witcher 3 4K Texture Pack released, replaces all the terrain textures in Skellige

Modder ‘Boostin4kix’ has released a brand new 4K texture pack for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. According to the modder, this texture pack completely replaces all the textures used in the terrain with high quality 4K textures.

As the modder noted, all the terrain textures have been replaced with very high quality 4K diffuse and normal maps. Do note that this texture pack will not affect other regions, meaning that White Orchard, Velen, or any other level will retain their original textures.

Thankfully, Boostin4kix has also released a 4K texture pack for White Orchard. Both of the aforementioned texture packs try to maintain a vanilla style, so this is something that most PC gamers should at least download and try.

Unfortunately the modder has not provided any comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the new 4K textures and since we don’t have the game installed, we can’t really test them and capture any screenshots. Still, you can find some screenshots showing the new textures at their Nexusmods pages.

Those interested can download the Skellige 4K Texture Pack from here and the White Orchard 4K Texture Pack from here.

Have fun!