New Risen 2 PC Patch comes with fixes for both SLI and 7.1 sound systems, adds a dodge move

Great news for fans of Risen 2: Dark Waters as Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes have revealed the changelog of the game’s first PC patch. According to the publisher, this patch fixes major issues like the SLI stuttering effect, the flickering of trees that was present in Nvidia hardware and the crashes to desktop due to the 7.1 sound system. Moreover, this update will add a new ‘dodge’ move in your fights and players will be able now to block attacks from monsters. You can view the complete changelog of Risen 2’s first patch below and the patch has already went live. Enjoy!
Risen 2: Dark Waters Update Changelog:
– Most monster attacks can be blocked now
– Player has the ability to dodge during combat

– Fixed issue with flickering trees in far distance
– Fixed issue with SLI graphic cards
– Fixed a crash with 7.1 sound system configuration
– Fixed a crash during climbing
– Fixed issue within return to ship option
– Fixed rain in interiors
– Crew members can’t be killed by monsters anymore
– Player get the cunning potion after he crafted it
– Fixed issues with skill teachers


– Maximum amount of automatic saves was limited to 10
– Improvements in monster combat AI
– Improvements in character AI if they get attacked from behind
– Improved vegetation rendering
– Improved object view distance
– Improved terrain rendering

– Simplify cannon sabotage in Puerto Isabella
– Merchant on Sword Coast sells Rum and Grog
– Removed exploit for shooting game
– Mara’s health increased
– Stealbeard’s hat can’t be sold anymore