PC gamers, meet Shadow of the Game; an experimental 2D top-down adventure game

We’ve expressed our love to 2D games, right? Therefore, it’s only natural to get excited for DeRail Games’ 2D adventure narrative game, Shadow of the Game. Shadow of the Game is an experimental 2D adventure game, focusing on storytelling. The game takes on modern MMO culture, with a humoristic view on the game development industry. Instead of traditional gameplay features, Shadow of the Game consists of a heavy narrative. The core gameplay features are interactive cut scenes, talking with characters, absurd puzzles and making interesting choices along the way.
The company has revealed today its debut trailer and in order celebrate that Shadow of the Game is close to completion, DeRail Games has opened for BETA registration on the Shadow of the Game website. Everyone that registers are guaranteed an early BETA copy and will be able to play the full game before it is published. The BETA will launch this summer and the registration will stay open until launch.
Shadow of the Game - Debut Trailer